Sun Maxilink 100 : Lifetime Insurance Protection

Sun Maxilink 100 is Sun Life’s newest Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance plan which provide coverage up to age 100. Definitely, protection throughout one’s lifetime! Since it is investment-linked, portion of your premiums goes to investment in VUL mutual funds and this can also help you build a fund for your long-term goals such as retirement, education for kids, business, travel, etc.

It combines the features of Sun Flexilink – affordability and Sun Maxilink Prime – maximizes your money’s potential. Sun Flexilink and Maxilink Prime only cover until age 88 of insured. Sun Life understands Filipinos’ continuing changing needs in terms of growing money and financial security. Many prefer to have coverage up to age 100 that’s why Sun Maxilink 100 is born.

Key Features and Benefits of Sun Maxilink 100:

LIFETIME and MAXIMIZED INSURANCE COVERAGE– You can have peace of mind that your family will be protected throughout your lifetime. The life insurance benefit is equivalent to 200% or twice the policy’s face amount, which goes to your family in the event of untimely death.

Riders or supplemental benefits to provide protection against disability, critical illness or hospitalization can also be added.

FUNDS FOR YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS – You can use this plan to build savings for your important life milestone such as for a comfortable retirement, for college fund of your kids, purchasing your dream home, or business.

SUITABLE INVESTMENT OPTIONS – You can choose among different VUL investment funds that would best suit your goal and risk profile. Don’t worry, a financial advisor can help you determine the investment fund that’s right for you through financial needs and risk assessment.

FLEXIBLE AND AFFORDABLE PREMIUMS– Maxilink 100 is a regular pay plan, which means you have to pay during coverage period. Regular pay plans is cheaper than limited plans (5-year or 10-year), because the charges are spread throughout your coverage.You have the option of annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly mode of payment. You can also increase the value of your fund anytime through top-ups or excess payments on top of the regular premium payments.

PREMIUM HOLIDAY OPTION – It’s possible to make this plan payable in 10 years through generating a premium holiday illustration. You can instantly see the projection of your fund value if you will stop paying after 10 years. You may also opt to pay it in 15 years, 20 years, etc.

How much does Sun Maxilink 100 cost?

Like any other life insurance plan, the premium primarily depends on one’s age, gender and smoking habits. It also depends on the coverage you want. The minimum insurance coverage for Sun Maxilink 100 is P700,000. and the eligibility of applicants is 18-70 years old.

If you would like to know how much does it cost for you, you may send us a request for free proposal.

Sun Maxilink 100 Sample Proposal

Client profile: 25 years old, male, non-smoker


Death Benefit – P1,000,000

This is the guaranteed amount your family will receive when you die due to natural causes. When we die our income dies with us but our family has to continue living. Life insurance is a gift of love. When you have this benefit, you can help your family to financially cope up even after you’re gone.

Accidental Death Benefit – P1,500,000

If the cause of death is accident, your family will receive additional benefit of P500,000 which will make the total benefit to P1.5 million.

Accidental Dismemberment and Disablement Benefit – up to P500,000

When due to accident you lose any part of your body, there is an equivalent percentage for every part lost. For example, when a thumb is dismembered, 15% of the benefit or P75,000 will be received. If you got total and permanent disability, P50,000 per year for 10 years will be received.

Critical Illness Benefit – P1,000,000

This benefit will provide you a lump-sum amount should you got diagnosed of any of 36 critical illnesses listed. Top 3 leading causes of death: heart attack, stroke and cancer are covered. Even major surgeries such as by-pass or major organ transplant are covered.

Hospital Income Benefit – P2,000 / day

If you got confined for at least 3 days due to illness, you can claim P2k per day or minimum P6k. If the cause of hospitalization is injury/accident, and you are confined even for just one day, P2k can also be claimed. The amount will double or will become P4,000 per day if confinement is in ICU or are diagnosed with dreaded diseases


Depending on your risk appetite, you can select any investment fund.

INDEX FUND – invests in top 30 corporation in the Philippines or the constituents of PSEi. This is suitable for aggressive investors who seek capital appreciation in the long-run. Last 2017, annual return of Sun Life’s VUL Index fund is 23.64%.

If you will pay for 10 years, total investment in the policy is Php480,000.

The fund values at 10% compounded projected return per annum will be:

  • At age 35 (after 10 years) : Php 558,685
  • At age 45 (after 20 years) : Php 1,235,421
  • At age 55 (after 30 years) : Php 2,841,814
  • At age 65 (after 40 years) : Php 6,748,640

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4 Comments on “Sun Maxilink 100 : Lifetime Insurance Protection

Lorna Jose
May 1, 2020 at 4:13 pm

Can a I purchase a Sun Maxlink 100 Life insurance for my 1 year old son? (Him as life insured) and myself as a Policy owner and Payor?

May 18, 2020 at 2:03 pm

Hi Lorna,

Yes that’s possible. Ideally, however, parents should be the ones to be insured first before their children because they’re the ones with income. Imagine, who will pay for the child’s policy if the parent is gone?

If you want to get a FREE quote for you or your child, just sign up on our form here>>>

Jose cimanes
June 14, 2020 at 4:39 pm

What will happen when i reached 100yrs old?.. what are the benefits when i reached 100yrs old?.

September 9, 2020 at 7:58 pm

You will only get the investment component because you outlive your policy.


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