Sun Flexilink – Most Affordable VUL (Insurance + Investment)

Sun Flexilink is an investment-linked life insurance. This is the financial plan I purchased and the VUL plan I usually offer to my clients  due to the many benefits that it offers.

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Affordable Adequate Protection and Investment

If you are a budget-conscious and if you do not have any life insurance or investment yet, Sun Flexilink is a great starting plan where you can get adequate protection from life risks such as untimely death, accident, disability, critical illness and hospitalization for the least possible cost. At the same time, because it has an investment component, you have the chance to grow your money in investments in mutual funds (stocks or bonds).

Regular Savings by the Calendar

Sun Flexilink is a regular pay VUL, meaning, it requires policyholders to pay a required premium amount in regular intervals over a specified period. If you pay for it regularly  until you die, you can have a maximum insurance coverage. But because there is a fund value or the investment component of a VUL, there can be a time that the fund value can pay for the charges and let the plan pay for itself. Sun Flexilink10 is an option to pay for only 10 years.

Now, it provides regular savings because if you think about it, the premium you pay is not an expense on your part, but a savings or investment. You can develop the habit of saving when you purchase a Sun Flexilink, because you have to pay for it regularly. You can use your fund value to achieve your financial life goals such as starting your business, for your kid’s education or for your retirement years to enjoy.

Flexible Investment Options

Depending on your risk appetite you have various fund options to choose from which can cater to your investment objectives. As a financial advisor, I would usually ask my clients some questions to determine their risk appetite and offer them the suitable fund for their goals.

Manageable Premium Payments

If you have your bonus, for example, you may opt to place it in your Sun Flexilink account to increase your fund’s value. This will be in form of top-ups or excess payments on top of your regular premium. In this way, you can accumulate the fund value faster for any of your financial goals.

Also, you can access your fund value any time. You can withdraw your funds in case of a financial emergency without any interest. If you missed to pay your premium, say in a month, you can let your fund value pay for your premium if it has enough,  so that your policy will not lapse. Of course, it is advisable that you pay for what you have missed, in order to still be on track of your investment goal.

The premium payment for a VUL plan depends on your age, gender and smoking habits. In general, the best time to start your life and health protection is when you are young and healthy. Sun Flexilink offers maximum insurance coverage which is cheaper when you are young. Males have a bit higher premium cost due to the life expectancy of males which is usually shorter than females. Smokers have higher premium costs as well because of higher risk of getting sick compared to non-smokers.

How much does it cost to purchase a Sun Flexilink?

Sun Flexilink is value for its cost. For as low as P1,500 per month, you already have a 2-in-1 plan where you have insurance as security and investment to save for your life goals. It is indeed a powerful protection and wealth accumulation plan and I recommend you to start Flexilink plan as soon as possible while you are young, able, employed, absent of health condition and insurable.


If you are interested to know how much a Sun Flexilink plan costs for your age, you can request a proposal from us for FREE or you may contact us if you want to get started.


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