Sun Flexilink1 – Make Your Money Work for You

Similar to Sun Maxilink One, Sun Flexilink1 is a Single Pay VUL Plan which lets you have investment that can earn higher return than banks. The only difference is that Sun Flexilink1 is cheaper.

The minimum investment is only P100,000. If you are saving this amount in savings account or time deposit, think about how much you can earn if you save it in this high-earning investment vehicle.

At the same time, you are insured when you get a Sun Flexilink1 Your loved ones will receive guaranteed sum of money plus your investment which they can use to fund their lifestyle upon your demise.

Don’t let your money lose its purchasing value!

Take advantage of compounding interest miracle and beat inflation rate! The compounded annual return of Sun Life’s VUL funds, for example, its Peso Balanced fund (combination of stocks and bonds) historically is 9.76%.


Let us compare P100,000 investment in Time deposits of major banks vs. Sun Flexilink1for you to see a better picture.


If you invested more, your benefits and fund value will also be greater. You can open a Sun Maxilink One with minimum investment of P250k.

Are you ready to start making your money work for you?

If you’re interested to start your Sun Flexilink1 plan, fill out our proposal or contact form so we can help you make the most out of your money.


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