Are you ready to start your Brighter Life?

"My name is Faye, I am a proud insured and financial advisor of Sun Life financial. My mission is to connect to as many Filipinos as possible to help secure their lives for a brighter future. Hopefully, I can secure yours too.

I’m glad to share to you how easy it is to get your own policy and to help you enjoy the benefits of a life insurance or VUL. I am here to serve you all the way in the process."
Faye Rocero, Licensed Sun Life Philippines Financial Advisor
Faye Rocero
Licensed Financial Advisor
3 Easy Steps in purchasing Life Insurance with Investment:
Step 1 – Request a Proposal

The first step is to know your actual rates which depends on your age, gender and financial need. You can easily sign up on this form. I will create a proposal/quote based on the information you provided and I will send the proposal in your email. You can also expect me to call you to schedule a quick meeting so I can discuss the proposal to you.

Step 2 – Discuss with financial advisor

We can meet on your preferred date, time and at your preferred location. I will discuss to you in detail the proposal I created. No pressure nor commitment on your part will be imposed upon our meeting so you don’t have to worry. If you don’t like what I shared to you, it’s alright for me.

Step 3 – Sign an application form

When you like what I discussed to you, you can easily start by signing an application form. The requirements are valid ID and advanced payment. You will receive a temporary life insurance and provisional receipt in exchange for the payment. The temporary life insurance gets you covered for the face amount while your application is undergoing underwriting process.


When is the best time to get insured?

The best time to get insured is when you are still insurable…

It is recommended that you get your own policy while you’re young, employed, healthy, absent of any health condition to be sure that you are insurable.

To learn more about life insurance application process, read more on our page: How long does it take to get insured