Mywisefinances is a licensed “Financial Advisor” website. The primary products and services offered here are life insurance and financial planning. To learn more information about what we do please read our Life Insurance 101 guide.

Brief information about our products and services.

This website Mywisefinances is not a corporate website of an insurance company, this runs independently from any insurance company. This was created to promote Sun Life Philippines’ products and services for the website owner’s customers.

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Financial Advisor, What do they do?

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What is the sales process?

A client seeking for a professional financial advise or consultation will be contacted by our financial advisor or will be referred to another advisor when it is living outside our serviceable location.

The advisor conducts financial planning to help the client build financial security and offers financial products such as life insurance with investment or VUL and mutual fund.

In this meeting a proposal(which can be requested on our proposal request page prior to meeting) will be presented to the client stating the coverage and benefits of the policy to be purchased. The advisor will take the clients application and submit to the insurance provider for approval.

When the insurance provider approves the policy application the sales process is said to be complete.

As referrer, what is your part on the sales process?

Refer a Friend is exclusive to our website. The goal of the campaign is to help us reach more people on social media and the internet to create awareness.

Your part on the sales process will be little to none. Just send the visitors and we’ll do all the labor! You read it right, You will not sell anything to anyone on our behalf. One reason is, our invitation to Refer-a-friend is not a get-rich-quick scheme or  a paid-membership-internet-program. It offers no monetary compensation to the people who will refer their friends, relatives or family members.