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"My name is Faye, I'm the owner of this website. I'm actively conducting FREE Financial Planning with the objective of helping Filipinos achieve financial freedom come retirement and have guaranteed income protection from life risks and uncertainties – sickness, disability, old age and death​."
Faye Rocero, Licensed Sun Life Philippines Financial Advisor
Faye Rocero
Licensed Financial Advisor

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MyWiseFinances is giving away small amount of XRP to “pinoy internet enthusiasts” to recommend our website to their friends, family and relatives.

According to Wikipedia “Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network created by Ripple Labs Inc., a US-based technology company. … The ledger employs the decentralized native cryptocurrency known as XRP, which as of September 2018 was the second largest coin by market capitalization.”


You only need to have a ripple wallet address and ask the sender to transfer XRP to your wallet address to receive the ripples from other people.



A wallet address looks like this rU2mEJSLqBRkYLVTv55rFTgQajkLTnT6mA


Using your mobile phone, you can send and receive Ripple and exchange it to Philippine peso using a local exchange or a custodian wallet provider such as CoinsPH.

You can create a wallet address using an app or registering on a custodian wallet provider.


Creating a wallet from an app requires 20ripple(around 8$) deposit, but from a custodian wallet provider, it is usually free. In the Philippines the leading XRP web wallet provider is CoinsPH.


At CoinsPH you’ll get a ripple wallet address that does not require a deposit .

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How to get the bonus XRP giveaway from MyWiseFinances?

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This Ripple(XRP) Giveaway is exclusive from My Wise Finances for the Philippines and the Filipino citizens only. We included this bonus because we thought some might get interested collecting small ripples for free. This Ripple bonus is for the “cryptocurrency-enthusiast Pinoys” who wants to collect some free xrps without spending real cash.

This is not a faucet nor a huge business airdrop, just a simple giveaway to reward people who believes in sharing good things they see on the internet.



If you’re only interested helping people find a credible financial advisor, you can proceed submitting the info about your referral without hassling yourself about this.



If you want the bonus but don’t have a friend to refer to us, you can tweet about us if you believe our website deserves your follower’s attention, just contact us if you like to solicit some coins, but we can’t negotiate to give out higher amount.



We are checking submissions manually, please make sure to inform your friends regarding your intention to help them choose a credible advisor to avoid miscommunication. We will be happy to send free coins to those who submit accurate information, and even reward more to those who deserves more, we may deny rewarding people who submits fake information.



All xrp transfer transactions are done manually every Monday. Once we verified you submit a qualified information we will send the bonus coin on or before Monday depending on the volume of submission we receive during the entire week.



Is this safe?

Sure this is,. and we don’t collect information to identify xrp address users, we only ask the name of the referrer so we could tell your friends that we are calling them because you referred them to us.




The giveaway reward is subject to change without prior notice. The giveaway fund is not from a business it is from the owner’s own expense.  Transfers will be direct to your wallet so you will see the balance immediately every Monday.

Please respect the small amount we are giving away, the value may be increased if we find donors who are willing to donate. If you like to support our giveaway, and/or be featured as “giveaway partner” please consider donating your Ripples(XRP) to the address below and please contact us regarding your donation. Ripples(XRP) Donation Address:

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Ripple Tag: 219358


Important: please do not copy and save this address if you intend to donate in the future, this address is temporary, and subject to be replaced.

Get your Ripple Wallet for free at CoinsPH

CoinsPH is the Philippines’ leading web wallet provider for Peso and Crypto-currency. Using CoinsPH website you will be able to store, send and receive Peso, Bitcoin, XRP and other cryptocurrencies.

CoinsPH is a peso wallet too, and  you can use it to make life a lot easier. Through them, you can conveniently pay your bills using your mobile phone. Now there’s no need to wait in lines just to pay your bills(e.g. Meralco, Insurance(Sun Life, Axa, Prulife Policy, etc..), SSS, Pagibig, PLDT, etc..) plus you can buy load directly from your smartphone with 10% rebates every purchase. You can do all these and more using CoinsPH wallet.

Use our link below to signup at CoinsPH and receive additional 50peso signing bonus from CoinsPH. You need a valid ID for CoinsPH KYC and must be atleast 18years old.


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