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Learn How Financial Planning Can Help

Do you want to take charge of your future financially? The first step is to create a personal financial plan. It can give you a framework of how you’re going to use your money to achieve your goals.

At My Wise Finances, we help Filipinos achieve their financial goals by building their personalized financial plan the right way. We conduct Personal Money Management via online consultation where you can learn strategies and techniques to help you control and manage your finances. 

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Do you find it hard to save money? Learn how to effectively analyse your personal cash flow to help you keep track of your money and start saving easily.


Are you considering the idea of protecting your income? Looking for the best life insurance policy or product? We’ll consider your needs and goals in presenting a proposal policy.​

Why do you need to get your life insured? Here are some reasons why…


Do you want to invest to grow your money? VUL is a 2-in-1 financial plan where you can have guaranteed income protection and investment in mutual funds.​

Your Financial Advisor

I’m a Licensed SHS teacher and a licensed financial advisor. Before becoming a financial advisor, I had trouble in managing my finances just like most of the working Filipinos. In order to learn more on how to manage my finances properly, I decided to become a Financial Advisor. By becoming one, I also get the chance to help other people achieve their financial goals by educating them thru financial literacy talks.

As a teacher, it is always a joy for me to see other people learn and apply the things that I have shared with them. It is also my dream for other people to realize the importance of financial planning in order for them to achieve their future financial goals, protect their family, and have a brighter life ahead.

Melanie Samudio

Client Testimonials

"I am very humbled and amazed of how Ms. Melanie shares her life experiences regarding handling finances. I am one of those that work for the money just to get through life in a day and yet she showed me the real joy and value of earning, it was to invest it in those things that really matter in life."
Hazel Llamas
DEPED Teacher
"As a young professional, I am really struggling with handling my finances so I am very thankful to my financial advisor, Ms. Melanie who urged me to invest in myself as soon as I earn my first income. I highly recommend her for being very accommodating on my queries regarding details on my insurance policy."
Kristian Jay Ramos
Licensed Electrical Engineer
"Marami na akong narinig na mga insurances, meron din akong insurance pero hindi ko talaga naiintindihan ano ba ang makukuha ko doon, or talaga bang worth it na kumuha ng insurance.. si Ms. Melani Samudio lamang ang nakapagpaintindi sa akin ng kahalagahan ng pagkakaroon ng insurance with investment at paano ko dapat unahin na mag-save ng savings bago ang iba pang bagay."
April Jackie Latigay
DEPED Teacher


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