Life Insurance Consciousness Week

Did you know the first week of October is declared officially as “Life Insurance Consciousness Week” in the Philippines?

In 1997, then president, Fidel V. Ramos signed Proclamation No. 1059 to declare every 1st week of OCTOBER every year, as a “Life Insurance Awareness Week”.


*Snip from official gazette of the Philippines.

Are you insured yet?

One of the best gifts you can give to yourself is to be insured. Protect yourself and be prepared for your future.

As mentioned above, life insurance provides financial protection in times of need and peace of mind when uncertainties of life happens. It also generates meaningful long-term savings.

Here is a video explaining what is a Life Insurance and how it can help you.

You can also check Life Insurance 101, our quick guide to understanding life insurance and the process the get one for yourself.

Start your financial journey today!

Life insurance rates differ per person due to one’s age, gender and needs. Get started with your financial journey by getting a FREE Proposal.

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