May 19, 2018

How to Save Money on Prepaid Load using Gcash?


As a prepaid user myself, I used to buy load in small denominations-e.g. 50 pesos and register to a promo valid for 3 days. My minimum total load expense in a month was 1,000 pesos (500 pesos each for Globe and Smart sim) plus 60 pesos (2-3 pesos mark-up x 10) every time I buy from a sari-sari store.

I used to do that until I learned the more convenient way which is through online. One of online platforms I like to use is Gcash. With Gcash, you can have a mobile money wallet which you can use for convenient cashless transactions. You can use Gcash to send money, pay bills, shop online and buy load with rebates. Yes, you can experience hassle free loading and get savings up to 5% from rebates.

How to create a Gcash account?

1. Download Gcash Mobile App for your smartphone. 2. Register your Globe or TM mobile no. by dialing *143# then press the Call button or simply click Register on Gcash app.
3.Fill the required fields and click the Next button until you will be required to provide a 4-digit Gcash PIN.
4.Click next until you finish the registration and you receive the confirmation message that will be sent to your Globe phone.

After registration, you need to fund your Gcash Wallet. Just select the Cash-In icon and you will have the following options:


I enrolled my BPI account in Gcash, to be able to easily cash in from my BPI account to Gcash wallet. Note that when using BPI option, there is a 1 peso charge every cash in.

How to buy load using Gcash?

Now that you have a fund balance on your Gcash wallet, you can use it for cashless transactions. Here are the steps to buy load conveniently using Gcash:

1.Select Buy Load icon from the Gcash menu.


2.Enter Mobile number you want to load. Gcash loads ALL networks but the rebates are only applicable for Globe/TM nos. Also, the call&text, data and combo promos can be selected directly from the Gcash app, which is great since you no longer have to search for which promo you want to register your regular load with.

3.Click Next button and then the Confirm button.

4.In just a second, you will get the confirmation message that you receive your load and your Gcash wallet was deducted with the load amount less rebates.

How to get savings in using Gcash to buy load?

Since I know I need 1,000 pesos to buy load every month, what I do is I transfer 1,000 pesos fom my BPI account to Gcash and I get 1 peso charge only. Then I will buy load in promos to get 5% rebates. A GoUnli50 valid for 3 days gives me 2.50 pesos rebates every time I directly buy this promo. I get 25 pesos if I registered in 10 times in a month. I also use Gcash to load my Smart number without any charge. So the total I save in a month is 85 pesos (25 + 60 cost from buying from merchants). In a year, that’s already 1,020 pesos.

What’s best about using Gcash is the convenience. I no longer worry about running out of load and needing to search and run for merchant stores whenever there is an urgent need for me to buy load. I can do it on my own with just a tap on my phone. Try mo din and experience the savings! Little savings counts, save in lots of small ways and set yourself up for success.

5 Comments on “How to Save Money on Prepaid Load using Gcash?

Dina Diano Buscagan
November 3, 2019 at 11:14 pm

It’s very nice to have this

March 29, 2020 at 3:04 pm

I love how the thorough explaination on the ways of using this app. I’m no longer confused. My questions have been answered. Thank you.

Elisea G. Grencio
May 1, 2020 at 12:14 pm

“How to Save Money on Prepaid Load using Gcash?”

June 9, 2020 at 7:37 am

I didn’t received my rebate earned in gcash, It’s been 2weeks now..what should I do get it..

July 6, 2020 at 5:04 pm

Hi Naome,
The rebate on load should be instant and you will receive notification on your registered mobile number. There is also a limit of P50 per month on gash rebate.
You may also raise a ticket at Gcash Help Support to inquire.


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