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Learn How Financial Planning Can Help

Do you want to take charge of your future financially? The first step is to create a personal financial plan. It can give you a framework of how you’re going to use your money to achieve your goals.

At My Wise Finances, we help Filipinos achieve their financial goals by building their personalized financial plan the right way. We conduct Personal Money Management via online consultation where you can learn strategies and techniques to help you control and manage your finances. 

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Do you find it hard to save money? Learn how to effectively analyse your personal cash flow to help you keep track of your money and start saving easily.


Are you considering the idea of protecting your income? Looking for the best life insurance policy or product? We’ll consider your needs and goals in presenting a proposal policy.​

Why do you need to get your life insured? Here are some reasons why…


Do you want to invest to grow your money? VUL is a 2-in-1 financial plan where you can have guaranteed income protection and investment in mutual funds.​

Your Financial Advisor

I am an entrepreneur, licensed financial advisor and full-time mother. I learned about importance of proper money management from experience I have with my parents who had bad debts. Meanwhile, I realized the value of life and health insurance when mom passed away due to a critical illness. These experiences led me to pursue my advocacy as a financial advisor, i.e. to help Filipino families have guaranteed fund.

As a financial advisor, I reach out to as many people as possible to educate about importance of having financial protection so their family won’t experience financial hardships in case their loved one gets ill or stricken by any unexpected life event. I also help people achieve financial freedom by helping them plan for their finances wisely.

Hannah Fatima Rosales

Client Testimonials

“Being a young professional, it was very challenging to manage finances entering the adulting stage. Having Ms. Hannah Rosales as my financial advisor really made a great difference. She was able to answer all my queries and provide various solutions on how I can spend my income. She has become my one call away advisor whom I treat as kin. She's very professional and hands-on.“
Iris Patricia Ongyaco
"This year made me realized the importance of life insurance and savings especially this time of pandemic. Thanks to Ms. Hannah for introducing me to Sun Maxilink 100, I feel secure and at peace. "
Ma. Elaine L. Licas
Licensed Nurse


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