Money Doesn't Come Without Guidance ...

You can contact our licensed financial advisor who conducts FREE personal financial planning/consultation. You can schedule a short meeting with her to discuss your financial needs and goals. She is very eager to help you become financially-protected with investments.

It all depends on your financial needs and goals. In our free financial planning, we can help you discover how much coverage you actually need to protect your family. Our affiliated company offers affordable VUL plans which provides adequate life insurance protection and investment options. Generally, for as low as P1,500 per month, you can get a Sun Flexilink plan.

Contact our licensed financial advisor who can assist you in deciding a fund to invest into.

VUL means Variable Universal Life Insurance. It is an investment-linked insurance. Meaning, you can get life insurance protection and an investment in Mutual Fund, all in one plan.

You have to be at least 18 years old to purchase your own life insurance or VUL plan.  Also, the important requirement is you have to be insurable (i.e. capable of or appropriate for being insured against loss, damage, or death). The only way to know your insurability is to apply regardless of your condition. 

You only need to fill out some forms, provide your signature and valid ID in order to apply for a VUL or life insurance coverage.

Our VUL products can be single-pay (one-time payment), limited-pay (5, 10, 20 years) and regular-pay plans.

You have to be at least in the Philippines to sign the needed documents and forms and to meet with a financial advisor. Once you got approved of your plan, you are entitled to the benefits even if you are abroad.

You can be assured that Life insurance benefits are guaranteed or a promise to pay by the insurance company to your beneficiaries. Investments on the other hand, are not guaranteed because they entails risks from the financial instrument’s market fluctuations. 

First meeting with a financial advisor is generally to determine your financial needs and goals. And you’ll be offered with life insurance and investment products which may suit those needs and goals that you have. Our free financial planning/consultation requires no fee and commitment to buy. 

Our affiliated company offers flexible payment options. You can pay through client service centers, bills payment in BDO, BPI or SM, bank account deposits or through our licensed financial advisor.

Normally, it would take 3-4 weeks in order for your application to be processed and approved. Your application will undergo underwriting procedures where you will be determined for your insurability.

One of the basis of a life insurance/ VUL plan’s premium is the person’s smoking habits. A person who is a smoker has higher insurance cost due to higher risk of getting sick compared to non-smokers. Rest assured that we are only requesting your personal data to provide you the correct proposal for your financial need.

Yes, we are not in any way a networking company or affiliated with any MLM networking companies. We are connected with Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., the oldest and largest financial services organization providing protection and investment needs to FIlipinos for 122 years already. You can trust that we are not a scam as we are represented by a licensed financial advisor authorized by Insurance commission to act as Insurance agent.