Financial Planning

5 Financial Lessons from COVID-19

Quarantined – staying at home and living the life of less social interaction has been the new normal. The covid-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis. It definitely changed the way we work and interact, but it also transformed the way think about our finances and survival. Here are important financial lessons we should learn from Covid-19.

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Best Insurance Plans for Your Child’s Education


Education is the key to a brighter future. Most parents want their child to go to college but due to the rising costs of tuition fees, it can be challenging to save enough fund by the time their child enrolls. That’s why parents resort to educational plans or life insurance […]

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Understanding Your Personal Balance Sheet


In accounting,  to understand the financial position of a business, we look at the Balance sheet which includes the assets,  liabilities and equity accounts. Do you know, the balance sheet concept does not only apply to businesses? Because for personal finances,  it is widely used to calculate one’s net worth. Why Understanding […]

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Emotional Spending and Saving Behaviors

How you utilize your cash is an impression of your contemplations and feelings. Another approach to state this is you handle your cash as indicated by how you think and how you feel. At the point when your contemplations and feelings are unequal or undesirable, this will appear as uneven […]

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Plan a Goal-based Investing

Life is all about setting and defining distinctive goals or dreams and accomplishing them in a steady progression. When every peso you invest has a definite purpose behind it, it is called Goal-based investing. Objective based money related arranging is improved the situation long haul, midterm and here and now […]

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