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5 Financial Lessons from COVID-19

Quarantined – staying at home and living the life of less social interaction has been the new normal. The covid-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis. It definitely changed the way we work and interact, but it also transformed the way think about our finances and survival. Here are important financial lessons we should learn from Covid-19.

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9 Financial Resolutions to Consider in New Year


A new year is always a good time to start to make a difference in our lives. Most people feel hopeful and motivated to have the best year ever, I know you are too! This is also an excellent time for people to set resolutions to change an undesired trait […]

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13 Wise Ways to Spend Your 13th Month Bonus


Have you received your 13th month pay yet? If you are employed, you’re most likely entitled to receive your 13th month bonus on or before December 24th as this is mandated by Philippine government. Most Filipinos are so excited to receive this pay (I am too!) as well as the Christmas bonus, because […]

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Best Life Insurance Company in the Philippines(2018)


Life Insurance companies exist to serve the public that’s why its operations is heavily regulated by a government agency – Insurance Commission (IC). Every year, Insurance Commission releases the statistics which reflect the performance of life insurance companies. The 2017 performance has been released on its website recently andSun Life […]

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Investment vs. Insurance


Really, which should you prioritize first? People are generally more engaged when I offer them an investment rather than a life insurance. Most people know, intellectually, that life insurance is necessary but people want to place their money on investments with benefits they themselves can enjoy. Before becoming a financial […]

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Impact of Stress in Your Finances

Stress and tension are presumably the most agent words usable as clear vocabularies of the term pressure. Do you have dread or nervousness blurring in any circle of your life? Do you have proficient or work related pressure? Worries about your retirement? Nervousness about whatever’s in store for the coming […]

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