Best Term Protection Plans of Sun Life


Term life insurance is a traditional and the cheapest protection plan that provides  insurance coverage for a specified period. It doesn’t provide any cash or fund value because it is a pure protection plan. If you want to avail of insurance with fund value, you may want to consider investment-linked insurance or VUL instead. You […]

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Importance of Health Protection

“It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver”. – Mahatma Gandhi HEALTH IS WEALTH. This is a very old and popular saying yet it gives a large meaning to our life. Health is one of our most important assets. Having good health helps us enjoy and get the most […]

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How to Save Money on Prepaid Load using Gcash?


As a prepaid user myself, I used to buy load in small denominations-e.g. 50 pesos and register to a promo valid for 3 days. My minimum total load expense in a month was 1,000 pesos (500 pesos each for Globe and Smart sim) plus 60 pesos (2-3 pesos mark-up x 10) every time I buy […]

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Best Life Insurance Company in the Philippines(2018)


Life Insurance companies exist to serve the public that’s why its operations is heavily regulated by a government agency – Insurance Commission (IC). Every year, Insurance Commission releases the statistics which reflect the performance of life insurance companies. The 2017 performance has been released on its website recently andSun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. maintained its […]

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Understanding Your Personal Balance Sheet


In accounting,  to understand the financial position of a business, we look at the Balance sheet which includes the assets,  liabilities and equity accounts. Do you know, the balance sheet concept does not only apply to businesses? Because for personal finances,  it is widely used to calculate one’s net worth. Why Understanding Your Personal Balance Sheet is […]

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