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My name is Faye Rocero, and I own and manage My Wise Finances.  I am a certified public accountant and a licensed financial advisor of Sun Life of Canada (Phils.), Inc.
As an OFW’s daughter, I grew up to learn to value money (because I know the sacrifices my mom makes to provide a comfortable life to our family). Since I started working, I set my mind to the goal of achieving financial freedom for my family. For me, financial freedom doesn’t necessarily mean you are rich, but you are able to do what you want to do and able to be who you want to be in life.  As for my case, I want my mom to be with us without her ever worrying about money.
Now, I believe financial freedom is achievable by all Filipinos. As a financial advisor, I help people to get started to save, have a financial plan and protection. But most of all I partner with people to start their journey to financial freedom.

At My Wise Finances, what I actually do:

My Wise Finances website is a client reference website, containing information about Sun Life Financial products such as their diverse range of life insurance, wealth, and investment products. In this website, I am committed to provide general information about financial planning, investing and smart guide posts for savings and spending to help everyone become wiser in managing their finances.
As Sun Life financial advisor, I provide:
I serve diverse range of clients, currently, most of which are accountants, OFWs, BPO call center agents, government employees and entrepreneurs/businessmen in the millennial age group. But regardless of one’s occupation or situation,  I am very eager to help anyone, in fact, every Filipino who wants to become financially-protected. I am based in Lucena city, but my service area includes the whole Southern Luzon and Metro Manila.

Thank you for visiting My Wise Finances!

I hope this website empowers you to have a wise plan for your finances for you to achieve all your goals in life, because that is the purpose of My Wise Finances.
Always be safe!

Career Background

Licenced Financial Advisor

Authorized by the Insurance Commission to act as Insurance Agent

Professional CPA

Worked as financial analyst for a multinational corporation for more than 3 years.

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